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Our Technology

Ramsa uses latest technology to provide optimal casting solutions. They can convert fabricated parts of forgings into cost effective and functional castings.
engineering and design for foundry
Ramsa's in-house pattern shop has the equipment, engineering and technical experience to transform your designs into reliable patterns for working castings.
Pattern Making for foundry
Ramsa uses the molding process that best matches your requirements, both investment and sand castings.
molding cardAsset 23.png
Ramsa has three induction power units with 6 different size furnaces. They pour from 80lb up to 6000lb.
melting metal for foundry
Ramsa's cleaning shop has all the proper tools and experienced and certified personnel.
Cleaning and Finishing for castings
Casting Upgrading
Casting Upgrading for castings
Ramsa offers complete in-house nondestructive testing. They have qualified and certified personnel to ASNT level II and ISO 9072.
testing for castings
Ramsa has a fully equipped CNC machine shop. They can provide you with finished castings, coatings, hydrotest and assembly.
Machining Castings

Our People

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