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Sand Casting

Our molding line for sand castings is very flexible and versatile. We can produce from just a few molds to a medium volume run.  We either use our semi automatic molding loop for small to medium size patterns or do floor molding for larger sizes.  Our molding process delivers a great surface finish, and we thermally reclaim all used sand.

  • No bake molds

  • No bake core blower

  • Manual cores

  • Silica sand

  • Ceramic sand

  • Zircon sand

Range size: 

  • 20 lb - 3,000 lb

Investment Casting

Our Investment Casting facility gives us the ability to produce from just a few castings to a medium volume run. Flexibility is the key in our shop.

  • Castings from 2 lb up to 80 lb

  • Short runs

  • Medium volume runs

Range size:

  •  1lb - 50 lb


RAMSA offers complete in-house nondestructive testing NDT. In our staff we have qualified and certified personnel to ASNT level II and ISO 9072.


  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • X Ray, linear accelerator and iridium 

  • Liquid penetrant

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (wet and dry)


Chemical and Mechanical Testing:


  • Spectrometer and PMI

  • Mechanical tensile

  • Charpy

  • Bend

  • Weldability

  • Hardness (Brinell and Rockwell)

  • Heat Treatment Certifications and Charts

  • Grain size

  • Microstructure

  • Corrosion test

  • Ferrite content


As a value added service, since 1995 Ramsa integrated a fully equipped CNC machine shop. We can provide you with pre and finish machined castings; paint, hydro test and some assembly can be included.

  • CNC vertical lathes

  • CNC horizontal machining centers

  • CNC horizontal turning lathes

  • Conventional machines

  • Coatings

  • Hydrotest

  • Assembly 

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